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  1. Hua Tian Food Co., Ltd.

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    Hebei Small Red Chilli, Special Gr...
    Chilli Powder
    Chilli Rings, 2mm
    Chilli Thread
    Chopped Chilli
    Crushed Chilli

    Hebei Huatian Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. is a leading and Professional manufacturer of Natural spices in China and begining to produce and export Chilli products to Japan since 1992 when founded. Our main products are Dried Whole Chilli, Chilli Powder, Crushed Chilli, Chilli Rings, Chilli Thread, Chopped Chilli, Shichimi, Paprika Powder and Black Pepper, White Pepper, Turmeric, Garlic Granule, Garlic Powder, Star Arise, Cassia, Prickly Ash ect. We are exporting to Japan, America, Canada, Mexico, EU, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and also supplying to famous...

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    Tel:+86-0311-8830-4366 FAX:+86-0311-8833-9978 Email:yuanpq@hbhtfood.com ADD: Dongzhijia,Nanmeng Town Gaocheng,Shijiazhuang,Hebei

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